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Have a non-emergency, maintenance concern? Submit your request below and someone from our office will contact you within 1-2 business days to schedule your non-emergency repair.

Have an emergency repair? Please call our office, 785-806-3305, and select option 9. You’ll be greeted by a live operator who will route your emergency to the appropriate technician.

Maintenance FAQ

Sometimes things in our homes don’t always work as expected. Fortunately, we have professionals on staff who can help. Below are some helpful tips from our maintenance team.

Check to ensure batteries are not the issue. Most thermostats have a cover that will pop off exposing a set of batteries. Please check this first to see if it resolves the issue.

Does the thermostat show a filter flashing? Have you changed your filter lately? A lot of times system downtime can be avoided by changing the filter and given the system a chance to take a break. If you’ve had the A/C set to 65-70 degrees in the summer, it may help to bump it up to 72-75 degrees for a bit to let it take a break. Same with the heater. Instead of keeping it 75-80 degrees in the winter. Set your system closer to 68-72 in the winter so that it allows the system to cycle on and off.

Super low temperatures outside can be tough on houses, especially plumbing. When this happens, it’s a good idea to open your cabinets to expose the plumbing to more heat within the home. Also, turning on your faucet to a small trickle will keep the water moving and help prevent it from freezing. Likewise, if your pipes have already frozen, turning on a slight trickle at the faucet will likely help get your water flowing through the pipes again.

Most times the source of a clogged toilet is too much paper or some other object, and a plunger should do the trick. Make sure to keep one near a bathroom. You may have to try a couple of times to plunge it and then flush once. Don’t flush too many times as this could cause an overflow.

Always check the bulb first to make sure it’s not the culprit. Especially incandescent bulbs, which tend to burn out quickly. LED bulbs cost a little more but last much longer.

If it’s just one outlet that is not working, make sure there is not an issue with the item you’re trying to plug in. Try using another outlet. If you still find the outlet is the issue, reset the breaker to see if the issue is resolved. If you’re in a bathroom or kitchen you may need to reset a GFCI outlet.

If it’s an entire room or portion of your home, usually it’s a breaker that has been tripped. Go to your breaker box and reset the tripped breaker. Most times this will get the power back to your home. If not, check with the electric company to make sure there isn’t a power outage in your area.

Check to see if the pilot light is lit on your water heater. Sometimes getting hot water back is as simple lighting the pilot light again. Also, check to make sure the settings on your tank thermostat are correct and that you’re not set to vacation mode. Once you’ve reset your temperature allow a few minutes before testing your water.

Usually, a smoke detector beeping means it needs new batteries. Replace the batteries and you should be good to go!

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